Nursing Assistant Training with IntelliTec

Are you good with people? Do you like taking care of others? Are you interested in joining the medical field, fast? Train for a rewarding career as a Nursing Assistant!

Nursing Assistant Program in Colorado

Hands-On Training, Achievable in 4 Weeks*

Are you caring and good with people? Are you interested in joining the medical field quickly? A career as a Nursing Assistant might be right for you!

With training from IntelliTec, you can learn the skills needed to be a Nursing Assistant in as few as 4 weeks! With IntelliTec’s hands-on training and dedicated instructors you can gain the confidence and valuable skills to join this important healthcare field.

What Does a Nursing Assistant Do?

Nursing Assistants, also referred to as nursing aides, are an important part of the medical system, responsible for providing basic care for patients in healthcare settings. Nursing Assistants may find work in birthing centers, pediatric departments, and senior care facilities, and are often employed in nursing homes or residential care facilities where they can provide long-term care to patients. Nursing Assistants are a growing field, with increasing opportunities to be found in home health care.

Why Choose IntelliTec for your Nursing Assistant Training?

IntelliTec’s Nursing Assistant program in Pueblo, Colorado, is designed to be achievable in as few as 4 weeks! Under the guidance of experienced, professional instructors, students are prepared with the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed for entry-level positions as Nursing Assistants. IntelliTec students receive CPR training and certification and learn basic nursing skills including vital signs, intake and output measurement, and proper hand washing. Students also learn how to interact with clients in order to ensure their emotional, social, and mental healthcare needs are met, as well as how to assist clients in attaining and maintaining independence. IntelliTec students complete an externship course in which they receive hands-on experience in long term care facilities in the Pueblo, CO, area. Graduates of IntelliTec’s Nursing Assistant program will receive a Certificate of Completion, and will be prepared to apply for the State Board Exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.